MOTORE CAMBIO L.T.D assures all customers that have purchased a quality product. With proper installation and following our instructions and the manufacturer’s instructions will be happy for many years.

General recommendations

When you receive the product make sure that is the correct type. The engineer should detect a previous failure before the installation of the new engine
Cleaning very carefully all the parts before to install on the new engine .
When put the gaskets on the engine you must sure that they are assembled in the right way
Tighten all the nuts and bolts with the correct torque ,maybe some nuts or bolts only can be used once following the manual of manufacturer.                                   Check the flow from radiator.
Check the operation of the fan ,sensors ,thermostat.
Check the cap of radiator.
Check the inlet manifold for the presence of strange or broken parts.
Check the joint face of the manifold ,ensure the bolts and nuts are tightened in the correct torque ,a leaking of gasket creative thermal overload and damage to valves and the pistons .
Check or replace the air filter by new one of the correct type .If the air filter is not operate correctly (it can not catch the dirt or dust e.t.c) then on the piston rings and on the bearings of the engine will created problem.
Check the quality of air inlet system.
Check the old filter if there were water particles in the fuel system. If this is the case you must clean the entire fuel system including the tank.
Check the exhaust systems and manifolds should be checked for debris or dirty this can creative damage to engine because the catalytic converters to melt down and block the exhaust system.
Check the E.G.R before installed the new engine and the components for correct operation, is important
Check and cleaning very carefully the hoses nipples valves gauze filters e.t.c. Never remove any parts from the ventilating system as this may cause a fire in the crank case.
Check the fuel system it must operates correct ,a too rich mixture fuel will cause damage on the cylinders of engine and the pistons rings ,a too lea mixture will cause high temperature creating overheating in the engine.
Replace the thermostat by new before the fitting of the engine, accordance with the climatic conditions specified by the manufacturer always Fan drive must be set accordance the thermostat of the engine (par example if the ambient temperature is up to 30°C you must put thermostat 92°C if the ambient temperature exceeds 30°C ,you must put thermostat 87°C.
Clean carefully the intake manifold internally ,so there no remainders of dirt ,puri e.t.c.
Check the fan drive it must works correctly, should keep a constant temperature, accordance with the orders of the manufacturer always ,the fluctuations of temperatures causes damage on the engine, is very very important.
Check or replace the oil cooler if it is blockage ,if there are micro parts inside it.
Check the heater of the car for leaks.
Check for oil and coolant leakage.Check the oil and coolant level.
Check all the cooling system for leaks(collars-oil cooler-water cooler-radiators e.t.c) ,never fill the engine only with water you must use a mixture of water and anti freeze ,this will protect your engine and the system from corrosion.
Carefully extract air from the cooling system following the instructions of manufacturer.
Check the intercooler of strange or if is broken.
Check for leakage of oil or water.
Check the water pump for corrosion leakage and wear of the bearings ,if necessary replace it by new Carefully install the crankshaft pulley the correct friction of the mating surfaces is important for the drive system to operate correctly.
Check the run-up face of the seal and make sure that, the pin is not pushed aside during assembly Crankshaft pulley needs to be fastened at the right torque.   Check if the thread holes in the crankshaft are correctly drilled before the assembly of the flywheel
Check the injectors to correctly operation . Install the injectors with new seals and fire stop plates . Injectors assembly :the injectors are fitted by clamp with right bolt .To avoid several deformations in those INJECTOR CLAMP BOLT LODGINGS tightening torque. Do not forget to fit the copper washer-
Check the common rail , and make sure for the correct fuel relief valve.
Check the fuel –feed pump for any crank in the diaphragm pumps ,if there is crank then fuel may seep into the crank case resulting in dilution of lubrications oil which may cause damage to the bearings of engine.
Check the pipes system must be clean from dust or dirty.After installation for the correct operation of the engine the pump injectors pipes should be de aerated. Check the dual mass flywheel, so it to not have gaps.
Check all the plug connections .

Caution Oil starvation in the engine can lead to dry friction, to overheating and to the fretting of the crankshaft inside the bearing locations as result damage in the engine The most common result is an engine ruined by excess accumulations of varnish and sludge due to using motor oils that are not approved by the engine manufacturer .Consequently, it’s always important for the technician to check the engine’s oil level If the oil appears very dirty or the oil change interval has nearly expired, an oil change in the engine . Check the engine breathing system (P C V)

Before the initial startup of the engine should be filled oil ,filter oil ,is very important,if not filled the oil filter with oil, will be caused damage on the engine or turbocharger e.t.c.
After 1000 kilometers replace the oil filter and the oil.
Every 5000km-7000km must replace the oil filter and the oil .

On all our engines are placed 3 pcs of heat tabs ,when the heat tabs melt or is removed , means that, the engine has been run without adequate cooling and has the engine has been overheated, the temperature has exceeded more than of 126 °C, has caused damage to the engine, automatically expires the warranty of the engine.
Caution:The correct operating temperature is essential to the protection of an engine against damage.
Temperature deviations high and low can result in serious internal damage
the running temperature varies between engines.
Almost all temperature problem are caused by faulty cooling system.

When put in operation the engine and for the initial 10.000 km ,you must is used the 3/5 of engine speed . Try to avoid running idle for a long periods ,this does not exceed for 5 minutes

Cylinder head assembly

When put a cylinder head on engine you must sure that ,the gaskets are assembled in the right way and don’t block the holes on the engine or on the head .           Check the thickness of the cylinder head gasket it is correct.
Check the camshafts if they are worn on the buttons.
Check the hydraulic tappets and rockers if them are worn.
Clean the engine block face.
Check the engine block for deformation .
Check the pistons for crank or deformation ,clean the pistons from carbon.
Check the joint face of the cylinder head ,you must clean it before put it on the engine block . Put the head on the engine block and tighten with properly torque ,and properly Nm Kg degrees according always by manufacturer following the clockwise.
Injectors assembly – The injectors are fitted by clamp with right bolt .To avoid several deformations in those INJECTOR CLAMP BOLT LODGINGS tightening torque. Do not forget to fit the copper washer. Carefully install the rest parts on the head and on the engnine ,if have cleaned and checked then clocked the engine by manufacturer.